Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have problems

The first problem I have is that my wrist is still in a brace.  I am doing everything I can to avoid getting a cortisone shot.  I've had enough friends and family tell me their stories about The Shot (as I now call it) that I want nothing to do with it other than as a last resort.  The doctor put me on a different medication for the swelling and pain and so far it seems to be working better than the last one.  I am also going to be looking into going to a chiropractor for some assistance.

The next problem I have is related to the first.  I still can't knit or dye yarn.  The lack of one useable hand is quite devastating to my addiction.  You have no idea how hard it is to watch others knit and not be able to engage in the process yourself.  It is hard to resist the urge to find a way to knit one handed.  The only thing that keeps me from trying is fear of The Shot.  

The Shot must be avoided.

The last problem is really very amusing to me.  Part of the reason for the lack of posting over the last week (other than the one hand thing) is that I was attending Comicon in San Diego (another one of my passions).  The first morning we were down there we headed to the local grocery store to stock up on snacks.  While my dear husband was looking over the snack aisle, I headed over to the drink aisle.  Specifically, the powdered drinks.  (You must see where this is going.)

Yes, we bought snacks and 20 packets of Kool-aid in colors that I haven't been able to find up here. ( I freely admit that I have an obsession.) The checker must have really wondered why we were buying protein bars, chips, and that much Kool-aid.  Maybe she thought I was going to dye my hair for the convention.  Hmmm, idea for a new superhero - Kool-aid Girl.  Fighting crime one flavor at a time.

Like I said.    I have problems.

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