Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Kool-Aid Dilemma

The latest addition to my yarnaholism is an obsession with dyeing my own yarn.  

I've been reading what other people have been doing with hand dyeing/painting yarn for a little while, but only recently (in the last two weeks) worked up the nerve to try it myself.  After reading an article on hand painting yarn on Knitty, I decided that I wanted to try each method.  I went to Micheal's on my lunch hour and purchased a few shades of Wilton's icing colorant (cornflower blue, violet, and pink).

I spent a Saturday soaking yarn in water and vinegar, mixing dyes, and pouring them into the pot.  After a couple hours of work, several hours of waiting and watching, and many more hours of drying time I achieved the following results:

The variegation is blotchy and organic in look, which is what I was hoping would happen.  I really enjoy the mixture of colors.   For a first attempt, I am very pleased.

Now I want to try using Kool-Aid.   This is where the dilemma began.   The only flavors of Kool-Aid that I have been able to find are all variants of red or yellow.   While I can (and will) use these and mix them to make varying shades, I was really hoping to find a good lime, orange, or dare I say blue color to use.   

I went ahead and purchased numerous packets of the black cherry, strawberry, and lemonade flavors.  Luckily, I had my son with me at the time so the checker must just think he really likes to drink Kool-aid.  I'm sure I can create some wonderful color combinations with these, but, true to my nature, I am not satisfied with my search.   As such, I am off to scour all the local grocery stores and like to see if I can find some of the illusive colors.

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