Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Back!

I have the use of both hands again.  Do you hear a choir of angels singing?

I haven't been able to knit for long periods of time, but I have been able to make the sticks click again.  It is so nice to get back to my zen activity.

My son is also back from visiting his grandparents in Kentucky.  Every year he goes, he always brings back gifts for us.  This year he brought me back 6 oz of hand spun thick/thin yarn in white that I can dye.  (He is just the most thoughtful son ever.)  I am still trying to figure out how many yards there are in the 6 oz so that I can figure out what to make with it.  It will probably end up being some sort of wrap.

I also recently took a trip to visit my long time best friend up in Sunnyvale.  I was proud of myself that while there I didn't rope her into going to any yarn stores or even drag her down the drink aisle to look at Kool-aid.  

Maybe I am actually getting a handle on this addiction. HA HA HA.   That was funny.   I couldn't type that without laughing.  I've already planned a trip to my LYS (most people think this stands for Local Yarn Store . . . but to me it is Local Yarn Supplier).  I want to try my hand at knitting socks and I don't have the right size double pointed needles.

Well, I best wrap this up so that I can go off to the place I go to earn the money I spend on yarn and Kool-aid.

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