Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lost Muse Found Again?

I lost my muse for a while (a great while judging by the date of my last post).  At least the muse that wanted me to write this blog.

I'm trying to get back to writing.  It is an area of great passion for me.  More of a passion than even knitting, which is saying quite a bit.  The difference between the two is that my knitting is something I do and feel no pressure to perform a certain way and my writing isn't.  If what I have knit doesn't come out just right, I can frog it and start again or move on to another project.  I have yet to be able to figure out a way to do this with my writing.   In fact, most of the time I don't even let myself get to the finish line with my writing.  Part way through a writing project I fear that I will let myself down and so I just stop.

I make no guarantee of how often I will post going forward.  But I will tell you that my goal is to post regularly.   What the term "regularly" means . . . I really can't say.

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