Saturday, August 28, 2010

Knitting with Pigskin

Not literally of course (that would be gross). However, it is that time of year. The time of year when kids go back to school, the time of year where vacations come to an end, but most importantly the time of year for FOOTBALL!

Preseason games have been going for weeks now and the start of the regular season is just around the corner. For me this means a time of knitting while watching games on a Sunday afternoon. In my house I am the football fan and my daughter is following in my footsteps (although her reason for liking the team she does is the animal they are named after . . .currently she is a Dolphins fan).

I look forward to spending my Sundays parked on the couch knitting needles in hand. I am going through my stash and my queue of projects on Ravelry in anticipation of this joyous time.

This weekend poses a dilemma for me. I have quite a bit of free time and I am having trouble deciding between knitting and preparing for my fantasy football draft which is happening Monday. (So of course I am currently doing neither by writing this post.) Both activities are very fulfilling, but only one of them affords me control over the outcome.

Knitting while watching football keeps me in a place of zen. I am far less irritated by bad calls and even worse plays. When something in the game is frustrating, I simply refocus on my projects. Of course, because my focus is split while the games are on, I have to be very careful with the projects I choose to undertake. The patterns need to be difficult enough to keep me interested in them, but not so difficult as to force me to stare at them while I am working and possibly miss a pivotal play. Tough choices ahead, indeed.

As for this weekend, I shall be splitting my focus. A little knitting followed by a little player research. Hopefully, by the end of the weekend this will mean that I have even more done on my husband's sweater and I will have developed a solid drafting strategy.

Either way, I know I'll enjoy my time.

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