Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to a routine

The summer months, which should have been slow and easy, were crazy busy.  This past week the kids went back to school and I have returned to a normal work schedule (as normal as I ever get at least).

I have almost finished the yoke on my husband's sweater.  It looks like the rest of the pattern shouldn't take too long so I may actually have this finished in the next week.  Provided I get the time I think I will to knit. With homework starting up again, my knitting time in the evening may be cut a little short, but since football is back (yea!!) I will have Sundays to catch up on my knitting.

I've said it before, there is nothing so relaxing as watching football and knitting.  I have always assumed that there are more football knitters out there and that's one reason I was really happy to see this blog post on Knitting Daily titled "It's Football Season!(Not to Mention Knitting Season . . .)" which confirmed my assumption.  Being able to knit successfully on Sundays makes watching my fantasy football teams fall apart at least a little more bearable.

Homework, football and knitting are all part of my Fall routine.  I am also determined to work some dyeing time into this routine.  I have several skeins of yarn that are just calling out to be dyed.  I don't have as much space in my new home as in the last one, but I will find a way start dyeing again.

Maybe I'll even find the time to turn that hand dyed yarn into Christmas presents. I mean, Christmas is right around the corner, especially for hand knitted items.  If I start now and make it a part of my routine it might actually happen.  

I did say might, right?

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