Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sweating for a sweater

This past week, I finally finished knitting the sleeves of my husband's sweater.  Well, I thought I had finished.  That is until I went to attach them to the rest of the sweater to start the yoke.  I couldn't figure out why one sleeve had 73 stitches and the other had 77.

I read the first row of the yoke portion of the pattern and the 73 stitches appeared to be the correct number.  I just couldn't see where I went wrong.  Of course, I had already ripped out and restarted this second sleeve three times and I really didn't want to do it again.  After reading and rereading the sleeve section of the pattern, I found my mistake . . . I was supposed to bind off two stitches at the beginning of each of the last two rows.  77-4=73!

Now, I could have simply taken the stitches off the needle and ripped back two rows, but having already caused havoc with the sleeve before by trying to rip back a few rows, I decided to simply unknit the last two rows.   It didn't take as long as I thought it would and I was quickly back to where I needed to be to join all the work together and start the yoke.

With the AC on (since it was 88 degrees in the house just a few hours earlier) I started knitting all 316 stitched on to one circular needle.  This is where the sweating comes in to the equation.  I thought having the AC on would be enough to make the temperature comfortable while knitting this 100% wool sweater.


After about halfway through the first row I realized I was sweating.  At first I thought that maybe the AC hadn't been on long enough, but a quick survey of the kids and the husband proved that theory wrong.  I put the knitting aside and almost instantly I felt the temperature drop to bearable.

Determined as I am to finish this (insert expletive) sweater, I am not going to let a heat stop me.  Slow me down, definitely.  Stop me, no way.  However, I did tell my husband he better darn well like this sweater by the time I am done and wear it all the time.

So onward I go, knitting a row then taking a break (this also helps with my wrist pain).  Only 30 more repeats to go before the collar!

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