Monday, October 18, 2010

Tangled Weekend

Normally in a knitting blog the last word you want to use is tangled.  It conjures images of a snarled mess of yarn that you delicately pick at for hours before giving up and chucking across the room.

However, this past weekend the word tangled had nothing to do with a mess and everything to do with brilliance.  That is, when the word is capitalized as in the title of the forthcoming Disney movie Tangled, the 50th animated movie the company has done.

I had the great fortune to accompany my dear friend, who worked on the film, to the movie's wrap party this past Saturday night.  While I can't give any details about the plot of the movie, what I can say is that it is pure Disney magic.

It reminds me of the magic I felt when I watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time and Belle and the Beast enter the ballroom to dance together or The Little Mermaid when Ariel watches the prince longing to be a part of his world.  The sweeping beauty of the ballroom scene and the sweet innocence of Ariel is captured again in Tangled.

On top of the well written story, the animation is spectacular.  I do not believe that I have ever seen lighting that is so vibrant and alive before in an animated feature.  This movie would not have felt the same without the brilliant lighting effects.  Then there is the hair.  The hair is a character unto itself.  It is so lifelike that I often forgot it wasn't real human hair.

One of the things that I often find distracting in animated movies is the voice acting.  I feel like many times studios find a name actor to voice a character and all you end up hearing is that actor instead of the character.  That is not the case with Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi.  They voice the characters of Rapunzle and Flynn Rider so believable that all you hear is the character and Donna Murphy is excellent as Mother Gothel.  Her singing is as fantastic as one would expect from an actress that has performed the likes of Anna in  The King and I and Fosca in Passion on Broadway.

The icing on the cake, at least for this knitter, is the two times that the movie not only mentions knitting, but sings about it.  They may be short, fleeting moments, but they made me squeal with joy.

So, kid or adult, knitter or non-knitter, this is a quality movie that will make you glad Disney has made 50 animated movies and hopeful for what their next project will bring.

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