Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fiber Festival

This past Sunday was the Southern California Handweavers' Guild Weaving and Fiber Festival, so I took a break from my NaKniSweMo knitting (actually most of the weekend was a break so I am very far behind) and went to see what it was all about.

I've always wanted to go to a fiber festival, but until now I hadn't had the opportunity.  One of the downsides to being a SoCal knitter is there aren't very many festivals of this type to go to that are within easy driving distance.  Someday I hope to have the time and money to travel to some of the larger festivals that happen annually.  This was a very small festival, but still had such beautiful items.

Walking around just looking at all the colors was like a zen journey,  despite the fact that the place was very crowded.  All the other shoppers and yarnaholics just faded into the background leaving nothing but colorful palettes to admire.  Even better, was all the yarn and roving to hold and pet. 

We wandered around for bit, making sure to look at all the wears before deciding on a purchase.  It was a good thing  I am on a strict budget right now.  There was so much that I could have walked away with on Sunday.  I mean seriously, for a yarnaholic like myself, fiber festivals can be a dangerous place.   In fact, there was a woman in from of us waiting to get in that was saying to her friends, "I am not allowed to buy anything in a bag.  If you see me even reaching for it, stop me."  It is the wise fiber enthusiast that enlists the help of friends in staying on budget!

Finally, after about an hour of wandering a petting and returning to the same vendor, we both made a decision on yarn.  (The picture isn't the best, but you get the idea.)

1700 yards of 70/30 Superwash Merino/Nylon.  The colors on the picture don't do it justice.  It looks like the ocean.  I believe that this will become some sort of sweater.  I've already started roaming through patterns on Ravelry looking for just the right one.   I want something that will be simple enough that the colors of the yarn are the star instead of the stitches, but at the same time I don't want something that is completely stockinette stitch.  I know myself well enough that if it is all stockinette it will take me forever to finish, because I will get bored. 

Now. I just need to get back to my NaKniSweMo sweater and get it finished.  As much as I want to start on this new yarn, I'm going to have to wait until after the new year since I have presents to get finished (oh yeah, and my husband's sweater too.)

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