Saturday, December 18, 2010

One week until Christmas

One week from today it will be Christmas.  One week from right now, my kids will be laying in bed wondering if it is too early to get up and run downstairs to check their stockings. They'll be straining to hear if anyone else is stirring, thus giving them the green light to attack what Santa has left them.

I love watching their faces when they see their overflowing stockings.  It's a look of pure joy and delight that you really don't see any other time of year. Not to say that they aren't delighted with other things, but Christmas is a special time.  My mom is fond of telling me that I loved Christmas so much and would get so anxious and excited that I threw up every year.  I'm very glad my kids can contain their excitement better.

Christmas check in time. It's a week before Christmas and  . . .

I've finished my shopping . . .oops not even close.
I've finished my hand knit gift . . .same answer, not even close.
I at least know what I need to get to finish my shopping . . . ha ha ha (or should I say Ho Ho Ho)

We finished shopping for the kids a while ago, but my crazy work schedule has made it near impossible to get out to the stores to finish shopping for my husband.  I normally do a lot of my holiday shopping online, but somehow time got away from me on that front as well. 

I still feel like I can finish my knitted gift in time.  It may be really down to the wire, but I am confident I can make it happen.  I'm still not sure what to get dear hubby.  I do have some extra time off this next week for finishing shopping and knitting.  So . . .

I think I see a lot of frantic shopping and knitting in my near future.

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