Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pretty Project Syndrome

Every year the adults in my family draw names for Christmas presents.  We decided years ago that, while we all love giving and receiving gifts, Christmas was really about spending time together and breaking the bank to give everyone gifts was just silly.

We used to wait until Thanksgiving to draw names (as we are usually all together then too).  However, over the years as many of us (by many I mean a few of us women) have turned to giving handmade items we realized that we had to draw names earlier in order to give enough time to complete projects.  A few years ago I drew my mom's name and ambitiously set out to knit Starsky by Jordana Paige (who has since become one of my favorite knit ware designers).   I did manage to finish the sweater by Christmas that year. (Of course, I was still quickly finishing the belt on it as we drove out to Palm Springs.)

This year I decided to knit a gift again and I have chosen a project that involves beaded knitting (I can't say more for fear that the recipient may read the blog).  I'm not sure why I try to challenge myself with the knitting I choose for Christmas.  Maybe it's because I know that this special gift will be wholeheartedly appreciated.  Maybe it's because it's family and I know that if it have to wrap the gift while it is still on the needles they will understand. Maybe, and this is probably the most accurate statement, it's because I really don't think it through.  I have Pretty Project syndrome. 

Pretty Project syndrome is similar to Shiny Object Disorder (wherein the sufferer is easily distracted by shiny objects).  I see a project and how pretty it looks in the pictures, and usually the pattern has come intriguing elements, and I can't help but want to knit it for someone regardless of how time consuming the pattern actually is.  It just so happens that this syndrome is more active during the holiday season.

With this particular pattern, and I promise once the gift is given that I will share more details, it has a 6 row repeat and three of the rows involve beads and one also has a couple of cables. (If you found this post through Ravelry then you know the pattern of which I speak).  It's not a difficult pattern (in fact it was easy to memorize and a lot of fun), but having to stop every few stitches to thread beads really slows things down.  I've now had to set a daily knitting goal of number of repeats that have to be done in order to finish in enough time to block before Christmas.  

I'm pretty sure I can make it by Christmas.  No, I know I can make it by Christmas.  If I just keep saying that it will come true, right?

Only non-revealing photo of current project I could find.

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Andrea said...

I found your post through Ravelry. Good luck with your project. I'm sure the recipient will love it. I know EXACTLY what you mean about Pretty Project Syndrome. Only once I get halfway through, I stall out. The piece loses its charm and I start something else. :-)