Sunday, March 31, 2013

Car Knitting

Yesterday the family took a trip to the San Diego Safari Park.  The drive was approximately an hour there and back, the perfect opportunity to do some car knitting.

I'm working on Wingspan right now, which is a simple, garter stitch pattern with no-wrap short rows.  This is about the complexity I can manage while riding in a car.  Anything too much more than some simple garter stitch (or an easily memorized pattern) and I have to look at the pattern or stitches often enough to make myself thoroughly car sick.

I'm using Knit Picks Chroma in the Midwinter colorway.  I like the feel of the yarn and the way the color changes through the pattern.  I do find myself splitting the stitches a little too easily, but that is not uncommon for a singe ply yarn like this.  The pattern is incredibly easy, which makes not only good for car rides, but also for intense TV/movie watching.

I thought about bringing the knitting into the Safari Park with me, but reconsidered when I thought about all the dust and dirt.  I don't mind it getting on me, but the thought of it getting on my WIP was not OK.

I'm just about at the halfway point in the pattern.  Hoping to be done with it in the next week.  I'm trying really hard to finish one project before I start another (yeah, not really sure that is going to work out in the end).  Really, I want to get back to the project that I borrowed this set of needles from so that I can finish it.  My coin lace stole has been sitting around too long unfinished.  Unfortunately, I discovered a number of mistakes that will drive me nuts, so I have to frog what I have done and start over.  Oh well, such is the knitter's life.

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