Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How Many Projects Can I have Going at Once?

The answer to that is . . .a lot!

I know I am not alone in this as most knitters have multiple projects on needles at one time.  However, I was looking at my Ravelry project board and realizing that I have a lot of projects that have been languishing for many years.  I finally put some into official hibernation on the site.  I do have every intention of finishing them . . . just not right now.

That being said, I started yet another project.  This one uses a yarn dyed exclusively for my friend's business, Yarnover Truck.   It is Anzula Haiku in Minty Unicorn. So far I love this yarn.  It's so soft and slides easily through my fingers.  It also highlights the stitch pattern well.

I know, I just recently started the Seascape Stole, but I have come to find that project takes a lot of concentration and I needed one that didn't.   I needed some easy TV knitting.

Enter the Vicissitude Tank and Cowl by The Sexy Knitter.

This project is knit in the round and the first part of it is 14 repetitions of 7 simple rows.  I'm making the large which has 224 stitches in each round so it does take a while to get through (I'm not a very fast knitter), but that is kinda what I love about it.  Once I know the repeating pattern for the row, I can just keep going until my marker comes back to me.  I take a short break, memorize the next row and off I go again.

My husband was fascinated watching me knit in the round.  I realized I haven't knit many projects in the round, and never anything this large.  All the sock knitting I have done is either on double pointed or two circular . . . it just doesn't look the same to a non-knitter as knitting rounds on circular needles.

I've made a promise to myself that I will finish at least one of these recently started projects before starting any other knitting project.  Of course, that doesn't stop me from starting a sewing project.

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