Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lifelines: you hope you never need them, but you always want to have them

In my last post, I talked about getting back to knitting I have to think about.  The pattern I'm currently working does take thought, the repeat is 43 rows long and not possible to memorize (at least for me). However, it is a fairly simple pattern in that it is mostly simple stitches (the hardest one being a double decrease where two slipped stitches are passed over a knit stitch.)  

At first I thought, I've got this, I don't need a lifeline.

Then I ripped out the first few rows three times because I wasn't paying close enough attention. So . . . after I got through the two row repeat at the start of section A (which is a total of 32 rows) I thought, I'm not doing that again, it's lifeline time!

As previously stated, it's been a long time since I knit anything where a lifeline would even be a consideration . . . actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure I ever really used a lifeline before this project. I'm sure I have done projects that could have used one, but at this moment I cannot remember ever using one.  

Anyway, I started looking around for an appropriate waste yarn to use, but everything that I had readily available consisted of a fiber that I was sure would end up felting and not being removable.

Enter the dental floss; It was the perfect solution.  It's synthetic, designed to slip between surfaces easily and found in any household.  The flat design of the floss I had on hand fit neatly through the eye of a small needle without any effort.  The one caveat is that dental floss sometimes has a powdery coating on it.  I made sure to strip that (mostly) off before inserting into the stitches.  Another side benefit (at least to me) is that my knitting smells minty fresh!

Withing a few rows I was glad I had inserted the lifeline.  One again, not used to knitting and thinking, I had to rip out the first few rows of the next part of section A two times.  The lifeline save me (and my family) from the temper tantrum that would have occurred had I needed to rip out the knitting any further back.  Now that I have completed section A and the first time through section B (only 5 or 6 more repeats of that to go), I will insert another lifeline. 

Luckily, in between my other lifelines the only mistakes I made were (an easily fixed) missed yarn over and coming across some inexplicable twisted stitches. 

I'm really enjoying this pattern and it is moving relatively quickly (of course having 5 days off from work gave me lots of time to knit).  The color pooling in the yarn just increases my feeling of a deep sea at sunset, which is appropriate given the name of the pattern is the Seascape Stole.

So, here's to lifelines . . .may you never need them, but always have them (just in case)!

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