Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thinking and Knitting at the Same Time!

I started knitting the Seascape Stole a couple of days ago.  Well, to be honest, the first cast on was a couple of days ago and then the re-cast on was yesterday.  (I almost always have to re-cast on with a project like this, because my first attempt is WAY too tight.)

It's been a while since I've done any lace knitting, or more specifically any knitting that I've had to actually think about.  I forgot how maddening the first few rows are until the garment has enough weight to keep the stitches orderly.

I'm really in love with the yarn I'm using, SweetGeorgia Merino Silk Lace in spruce.  This is the first time I am using yarn from this company, and I already know that I will be seeking more projects suitable to trying out their other lines.  Not only does the yarn feel good on the needles and slipping through my fingers, but the color is also pleasing to the eye.  The vibrant, green-blue reminds me more of the deep sea at sunset than a spruce, but I can absolutely see why they chose the name they did for this colorway. 

The pattern calls for a mohair based yarn to give the stitches a halo effect, which I agree is really pretty in the photos accompanying the pattern and gives the stole an airy appearance. However, I want to actually be able to wear the finished product and mohair is not my friend.  Thankfully, this is a popular pattern, with over 1400 projects on Ravelry, and I was able to find enough pictures of non-mohair stoles that I know this yarn should produce a fine garment.

With a nice, long, 5-day weekend starting I hope to get through quite a bit of the pattern.  In fact, I'm off to start knitting right now.

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