Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fair time!

I love this time of year . . . time for the OC Fair!

This year my husband won a four pack of tickets. Score! Not that it costs that much to get in, but saving every little bit helps when you have the Product Parade (or as we call it, the Carnival of Crap) to go through.  However, our first stop every year is the Centennial Farm and the livestock.

 Here we get to view, what I like to call, future sweaters.  This angora goat is sure to produce some wonderful fiber to be crafted into mohair yarn.  While mohair yarn is not something I like to use for my own projects, I certainly have an appreciation for the halo it produces when knit up in an open shawl.

This was one of the only fiber producing animals we saw that still had it's full coat, which was surprising.  It was only the second weekend of the fair and all the sheep had already been shorn.   Most years, when it's this early at least some of the sheep still have their full coat.  They must have thought it was going to be scorching hot this summer and decided to shear them earlier than normal.

Can't speak for the weather the rest of the time, but the day we went was wonderfully cool.  The sun didn't even make an appearance  until  after 4pm.

After the goat, we went on to admire the Suffolk sheep. Even without the full coat, you could feel the softness that will eventually become yarn. 

After the family pulled me away from the future sweaters, we headed over to see what we would get suckered into buying this year.  We knew that we wanted to purchase our standard Garlic Festival products and a garlic grater.  What we didn't know we wanted were LED, color-changing, remote controlled candles.

In all fairness (pun intended), I had been looking at adding some flameless candles to the house.  With the cats, we have discovered that having real candles is a bit problematic.  I just hadn't expected to spend that much and get that many.

We also made our way through the arts and crafts hanger.  I was not impressed with the entries this year for knitting and crochet.  On the other hand, some of the quilts were amazing.  Having attempted my first "quilt" this past year, I have a whole new appreciation for the amount of work that goes into producing one of these. (Yes, quilt is in quotes, because what I did was more of a two sided blanket, but it was still a lot of work.)

With all the walking we worked up a good appetite, so that family split this . . .

A Texas donut covered in maple glaze and bacon.  Yes, it is the size of that plate.  Yes, that plate is a small lunch plate.  This stand also sold a donut with Pop Rocks on it, another with chocolate glaze, bananas and whipped cream, and you could make a donut into a sundae . . .oh there were so many to choose from.

There is so much food at the fair, none of it good for you.  Well, you might be able to find some semi-healthy meal options and there is always the fresh fruit stand.  But really, why go to the fair to eat healthy stuff you can eat anytime.  The fair is the time to cut loose and eat the stuff you wouldn't dare to eat on a regular basis.  In fact, there are so many choices that my hubby and I want to go back toward the end of the fair for one last bite of yummy, heart attack on a plate, goodness.

I think if we make it back to the fair we just might indulge in some of these . . .

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