Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Life Gone Square

I see it has been close to a year since I have posted.  Not astounding, I mean I really haven't blogged consistently in many years (if ever).  I know I've said it before, but I must get back to it.  Writing, like knitting, is something that helps keep me sane in an otherwise crazy life.

So much has gone on this year.  My mom has had two major surgeries, my dad had one minor surgery, I had an aunt diagnosed with breast cancer, and uncle have to have his knee replacement redone, I sprained my IP join (which is the top joint on your thumb and one I didn't know you could sprain), I started training for a 10K and ended up in a walking boot with Achilles tendonitis (still not completely healed), and work has cranked up to 11 on a dial that goes to 10 in recent weeks (today is day 11 of 12 in a row). Oh yeah, and the other night my car battery decided to completely die, after not giving me any indication something was wrong, while I was up in L.A. at 9pm and then miraculously be in perfect condition the next day when I had it at Pep Boys.

On the positive side, I discovered square knitting needles. . . and LOVE them.

With my mild RA, knitting was starting to become difficult and I would go weeks without touching my projects.  This past February at Stitches West, I finally gave in to my curiosity (on the advise of one of my companions) and picked up some of the odd looking needles.

It took me no time at all to see the benefit: I can knit for hours without any pain and my stitch structure is much cleaner.  It may just be that I can knit for longer periods of time, but I feel like I knit faster with them.

I've now started slowly replacing all my needles with square ones.    Right now there are only two companies (that I can find) who make square needles.  As you might suspect, one is a higher priced product and one is a lower priced product.  I have tried both and enjoy both.  What I like best (after the being able to knit longer part) is the cable on the circular needles doesn't hold any shape so I don't have to fight with it when I first take them out of their packaging.  In fact, the cable on higher priced needles comes in two levels of firmness and one is downright floppy.  The floppiness took some getting used to, but now when I have to use my "normal" needles the inflexibility of some of the cables drives me bonkers.

If you have been looking at them or hearing about them and thinking you just don't get it, pick up just one set and try them.

You might just agree that square is the new round.

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