Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Precious . . . .Yarn

I have a large stash, but most of it is yarn I will probably never use, bought at a time when I had very little knowledge of high quality yarn.  Sometimes I wish I could go back to that simpler time (kitting was a much more affordable habit), but then I pick up one of my really yummy skeins of yarn and I pet it and call it my precious.

Oh wait, that sounds a little creepier than I meant it.

Honestly, once you have knit with high quality yarn, it's hard to go back.  Especially when your friend is a dealer, I mean owns a yarn store.  Yarnover Truck is my favorite place to find indie dyed yarn.  All the yarn you see in this picture was purchased on the truck.

Most of the yarn is from Anzula, but there is also some SweetGeorgia, Forbidden Woolery, and Dragonfly Fibers (courtesy of their latest truck show).  I have patterns picked out for some of the yarn: the sweetgeorgia in the center (the one that looks like sunset) is going to be a shawl,  I bought enough of the Frobidden Woolery yarn (the skein on the far right) to make a custom knit sweater, and the green Anzula at the back is destined to become a cowl (I bought it with a specific pattern in mind).  I'm not sure which one of those will be my next project.  The choice is so difficult sometimes.

These skeins just scratch the surface of the mountain of yarn I should get through.  I really should put a moratorium on new purchases, but I just can't resist the beautiful colors and smooth textures of yarn.  Whenever I enter a yarn store (on wheels or not), it is so hard for me to resist buying yarn.  I always tell myself that buying a new skein motivates me to use one of the skeins I already have.  Nice rationalization, right?

I guess it just comes down to the fact that I love yarn, it makes me happy.  It's not weird at all that I pet it and horde it and call it my precious.  Right?

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